Thank you for choosing to be evaluate our Website / HR page. We hope you are keen to work with us and we can explore the collaboration together.

As a quick overview of the company for you, uTrade started as a dream to build a global trading platform company in 2011. Mayank, Harwinder, Ashish and Kunal came together in Kunal’s parents’ house (typical garage startup story) to lay the foundation.

We slowly built our product, business, team and investor base to keep scaling. We worked terribly hard and smart to sail through the challenging market conditions. And we got lucky as well, to survive first four years of our journey and became profitable in the fifth year, in 2016.

This page is meant to help you understand some our Hiring and HR activities. This page may not tell you where the wash room is, or how to run our product, but may explain the basic concept of Sick Leave - “Use it or Lose it”;.

Sharing some core philosophies that you may choose to consider adopting with us:

Fun @ uTrade

Marks and your educational degree are the last things we care about. What matters to us is, what you can do and how passionate are you about it. We know that resumes do not really work.

If you are looking for a software
development position at uTrade
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Here is what you need to do in order to apply

Why you should not consider
working for uTrade ?

You want complete predictability in day to day work

You want to be managed

You want a 9-5 job

You are focused on salary only

You want a formal dress code

You are looking for a shortcut to success

You wanna live in a large busy polluted metro city

You wanna hide as a junior person without any responsibility
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